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Bozóki Beáta

Bozóki Beáta

Bozóki Beáta
Name: Bozóki Beáta

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  1. Bozóki, B., Mótyán, J., Hoffka, G., Waugh, D., Tőzsér, J.: Specificity Studies of the Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus Non-Structural Protein 2 Protease Using Recombinant Fluorescent Substrates.
    Int. J. Mol. Sci. 21 (20), 1-26, 2020.
    Journal metrics:
    Q2 Catalysis
    D1 Computer Science Applications
    D1 Inorganic Chemistry
    Q1 Medicine (miscellaneous)
    Q2 Molecular Biology
    D1 Organic Chemistry
    D1 Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
    D1 Spectroscopy
  1. Bozóki, B., Mótyán, J., Miczi, M., Gazda, L., Tőzsér, J.: Use of Recombinant Fusion Proteins in a Fluorescent Protease Assay Platform and Their In-gel Renaturation.
    JoVE. 143 1-15, 2019.
    Journal metrics:
    Q2 Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology (miscellaneous)
    Q2 Chemical Engineering (miscellaneous)
    Q3 Immunology and Microbiology (miscellaneous)
    Q3 Neuroscience (miscellaneous)
  1. Bozóki, B., Gazda, L., Tóth, F., Miczi, M., Mótyán, J., Tőzsér, J.: A recombinant fusion protein-based, fluorescent protease assay for high throughput-compatible substrate screening.
    Anal. Biochem. 540-541 52-63, 2018.
    Journal metrics:
    Q3 Biochemistry
    Q2 Biophysics
    Q4 Cell Biology
    Q3 Molecular Biology
  1. Bagossi, P., Bander, P., Bozóki, B., Tőzsér, J.: Discovery and significance of new Human T-lymphotropic viruses: HTVL-3 and HTLV-4.
    Expert Rev. Anti. Infect. Ther. 7 (10), 1235-1249, 2009.
    Journal metrics:
    Q2 Infectious Diseases
    Q2 Microbiology
    Q2 Microbiology (medical)
    Q2 Virology
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