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Papp Dalma

Papp Dalma

Papp Dalma
Name: Papp Dalma
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  1. Papp, D., Mizser, S., Nagy, L., Vidic, A., Simon, E., Tóthmérész, B.: Changes in Morphometric Traits of Ground Beetles Along Urbanization Gradients.
    J Insect Sci. 20 (1), 1-9, 2020.
    Journal metrics:
    Q2 Insect Science
    Q3 Medicine (miscellaneous)
  1. Tőzsér, D., Magura, T., Simon, E., Mizser, S., Papp, D., Tóthmérész, B.: Pollution intensity-dependent metal accumulation in ground beetles: a meta-analysis.
    Environ. Sci. Pollut. Res. 26 (31), 32092-32102, 2019.
    Journal metrics:
    Q2 Environmental Chemistry
    Q2 Health, Toxicology and Mutagenesis
    Q2 Medicine (miscellaneous)
    Q2 Pollution
  2. Papp, D., Simon, E., Nagy, L., Mizser, S., Tóthmérész, B.: The Effect of Urbanization on Trace Element Concentration and Symmetry of Woodlice (Armadillidium vulgare Latreille, 1804).
    Biol. Trace Elem. Res. 189 (1), 251-258, 2019.
    Journal metrics:
    Q3 Biochemistry
    Q2 Biochemistry (medical)
    Q3 Clinical Biochemistry
    Q3 Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism
    Q2 Inorganic Chemistry
    Q2 Medicine (miscellaneous)
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