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Balogh Norbert

Balogh Norbert

Balogh Norbert
Name: Balogh Norbert

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  1. Gönczi, M., Ráduly, Z., Szabó, L., Fodor, J., Telek, A., Dobrosi, N., Balogh, N., Szentesi, P., Kis, G., Antal, M., Trencsényi, G., Dienes, B., Csernoch, L.: Septin7 is indispensable for proper skeletal muscle architecture and function.
    eLife. 11 e75863, 2022.
    Journal metrics:
    D1 Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology (miscellaneous)
    D1 Immunology and Microbiology (miscellaneous)
    D1 Medicine (miscellaneous)
    D1 Neuroscience (miscellaneous)
  1. Gönczi, M., Dienes, B., Dobrosi, N., Fodor, J., Balogh, N., Oláh, T., Csernoch, L.: Septins, a cytoskeletal protein family, with emerging role in striated muscle.
    J. Muscle Res. Cell Motil. 42 (2), 251-265, 2021.
    Journal metrics:
    Q2 Biochemistry
    Q3 Cell Biology
    Q2 Physiology
  1. Sztretye, M., Singlár, Z., Szabó, L., Angyal, Á., Balogh, N., Vakilzadeh, F., Szentesi, P., Dienes, B., Csernoch, L.: Improved Tetanic Force and Mitochondrial Calcium Homeostasis by Astaxanthin Treatment in Mouse Skeletal Muscle.
    Antioxidants. 9 (2), 98, 2020.
    Journal metrics:
    Q2 Biochemistry
    Q2 Cell Biology
    Q2 Clinical Biochemistry
    Q2 Molecular Biology
    Q2 Physiology
  2. Balogh, N., Angyal, Á., Dienes, B., Szabó, L., Czifra, G., Tóth, A., Tóth, C., Csernoch, L.: The role of Piezo1 expression and its activation in the calcification of arterial smooth muscle cells.
    In: Proceedings of the EFOP-3.6.2-16-2017-00006 (LIVE LONGER) project. Eds.: Rakonczay Zoltán, Kiss Lóránd, Szegedi Tudományegyetem, Szeged, 88, 2020. ISBN: 9789633067642
  1. Sipka, S., Brúgós, B., Czifra, G., Griger, Z., Balogh, N., Tarr, T., Papp, G., Bíró, T., Zeher, M.: Season Dependent Changes in the Expression of Protein Kinase C Isoenzymes in a Female Patient with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.
    Pathol. Oncol. Res. 25 (2), 801-805, 2019.
    Journal metrics:
    Q3 Cancer Research
    Q2 Medicine (miscellaneous)
    Q3 Oncology
    Q2 Pathology and Forensic Medicine
  1. Oláh, A., Aranyász, A., Markovics, A., Szabó-Papp, J., Ambrus, L., Balogh, N., Zouboulis, C., Bíró, T.: Mechanism of the anti-acne actions of fatty acid amide hydrolase inhibitors on human sebocytes.
    J. Invest. Dermatol. 135 (Suppl.), S66, 2015.
  1. Balogh, N., Lisztes, E., Szabó, I., Molnárné Vasas, N., Angyal, Á., Papp, R., Paus, R., Bíró, T., Oláh, A.: Investigation of the endocannabinoid system in atopic dermatitis.
    J. Invest. Dermatol. 134 (Suppl.), S48, 2014.
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