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Kapusi Tibor Péter

Kapusi Tibor Péter

Kapusi Tibor Péter
Name: Kapusi Tibor Péter

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  1. Kapusi, T., Erdei, T., Husi, G., Hajdu, A.: Application of Deep Learning in the Deployment of an Industrial SCARA Machine for Real-Time Object Detection.
    Robotics. 11 (4), 1-20, 2022.
    Journal metrics:
    Q2 Artificial Intelligence (2021)
    Q2 Control and Optimization (2021)
    Q1 Mechanical Engineering (2021)
  2. Kapusi, T., Kovács, L., Hajdu, A.: Deep learning-based anomaly detection for imaging in autonomous vehicles.
    In: 2022 IEEE 2nd Conference on Information Technology and Data Science (CITDS): Proceedings (2022.05.16-18.)(Debrecen). Szerk.: Fazekas István, IEEE, Piscataway (NJ), 142-147, 2022. ISBN: 9781665496520
  1. Józsa, R., Kapusi, T., Tóth, S., Erdei, T., Husi, G.: MP-9S Industrial Manipulator Handling and Scrapping Tasks in Industrial Environments.
    Műsz. tud. közl. = PTS. 15 (1), 38-42, 2021.
  1. Tóth, J., Kapusi, T., Harangi, B., Tomán, H., Hajdu, A.: Accelerating the Optimization of a Segmentation Ensemble using Image Pyramids.
    In: 11th International Symposium on Image and Signal Processing and Analysis (ISPA 2019). Eds.: S. Lončarić, R. Bregović, M. Carli, M. Subašić, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Piscataway, NJ, USA, 43-48, 2019. ISBN: 9781728131405
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