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Kánya Nándor

Kánya Nándor

Kánya Nándor
Name: Kánya Nándor
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  1. Kánya, N., Kun, S., Somsák, L.: Glycopyranosylidene-Spiro-Morpholinones: Evaluation of the Synthetic Possibilities Based on Glyculosonamide Derivatives and a New Method for the Construction of the Morpholine Ring.
    Molecules. 27 (22), 1-18, 2022.
    Journal metrics:
    Q2 Analytical Chemistry (2021)
    Q2 Chemistry (miscellaneous) (2021)
    Q2 Drug Discovery (2021)
    Q2 Medicine (miscellaneous) (2021)
    Q3 Molecular Medicine (2021)
    Q2 Organic Chemistry (2021)
    Q1 Pharmaceutical Science (2021)
    Q2 Physical and Theoretical Chemistry (2021)
  1. Kašáková, M., Bertolotti, B., Moravcová, J., Dong, L., Rousset, A., Vidal, S., Kánya, N.: 3-(2,3,4-Tri-O-acetyl-α-L-fucopyranosyl)-prop-1-ene.
    In: Carbohydrate Chemistry:. Ed.: Paul Kosma, Tanja M. Wrodnigg, Arnold Stütz, CRC Press, Boca Raton, 153-163, 2021, (Proven Synthetic Methods ; 5.) ISBN: 9780815367888
  1. Kánya, N., Kun, S., Batta, G., Somsák, L.: Glycosylation with ulosonates under Mitsunobu conditions: scope and limitations.
    New J. Chem. 44 (34), 14463-14476, 2020.
    Journal metrics:
    Q3 Catalysis
    Q2 Chemistry (miscellaneous)
    Q1 Materials Chemistry
  1. Kun, S., Kánya, N., Galó, N., Páhi, A., Mándi, A., Kurtán, T., Makleit, P., Veres, S., Sipos, Á., Docsa, T., Somsák, L.: Glucopyranosylidene-spiro-benzo[b][1,4]oxazinones and -benzo[b][1,4]thiazinones: Synthesis and Investigation of Their Effects on Glycogen Phosphorylase and Plant Growth Inhibition.
    J. Agric. Food Chem. 67 (24), 6884-6891, 2019.
    Journal metrics:
    Q1 Agricultural and Biological Sciences (miscellaneous)
    Q1 Chemistry (miscellaneous)
  1. Rapi, Z., Ozohanics, O., Tóth, G., Bakó, P., Höfler, L., Nemcsok, T., Kánya, N., Keglevich, G.: Syntheses and complexing ability of α-d-gluco- and α-d-xylofuranoside-based lariat ethers.
    J. Incl. Phenom. Macrocycl. Chem. 85 (1-2), 19-32, 2016.
    Journal metrics:
    Q2 Chemistry (miscellaneous)
    Q3 Condensed Matter Physics
    Q2 Food Science
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